4 Healthy Habits For Desk Jobs

4 Healthy Habits For Desk Jobs
A full-time desk job can be demanding - and not just on our brains. While being able to work while sitting has its benefits, doing it for very long periods can actually be bad for your body and general well-being. Why's that? A couch potato lifestyle is bad for blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin production, and increases your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. It degenerates our muscles, hurts your back, causes weight gain, reduces blood flow (which is bad for your brain) and much more. Luckily, reading this article is the first step to understanding that, when it comes to being a desk worker, maximising your health is all about balance. So what can you do to achieve that perfect balance?

1. Take breaks

Just as your body needs that ideal balance between being stationary and movement, so too does your mind. So take a short break every hour, because staying focused on intellectual tasks for hours on end can leave you feeling drained and exhausted.

2. Keep moving

It can be as easy as staying in your chair and stretching those inactive muscles, standing up and walking around when taking phone calls, skipping the elevator and taking the stairs after your lunch break, or deliberately parking at the far end of the carpark to force yourself to walk. Another great idea is an adjustable height desk, so that you can combine long periods of sitting down - which can affect the health of the discs in your back - with the more active alternative of standing up.

3. Add exercise to your day

Add a post or pre-work gym routine as a non-negotiable part of your work day. A healthy lifestyle can be maintained with workouts as short as just 30 minutes, so it might be as easy as setting the alarm just half an hour earlier in order to squeeze in the gym, or riding a bike or jogging to work, rather than taking the car or train.

4. Eat and drink well

Another crucial aspect of being healthy is diet, so make sure being busy at work is not an excuse for eating badly. Replace one or two of those cups of coffee with water, and consider the convenience of meal replacement shakes. Not only will you be able to take your own lunch to work, rather than buying less healthy options each day, you’ll also be able to lose weight and keep it off. There are infinite ways to make extended desk work more healthy, so we'd love to know if our shakes have made your work life easier! If you haven’t tried them yet, browse the range here.


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