Hate the taste of protein powders?

Hate the taste of protein powders?
So you're looking for a recovery drink for after your hard workouts, or perhaps a full meal replacement shake for weight loss, and you've run into a brick wall with protein shakes. You're not alone. Put simply, protein powder tastes nothing short of awful.

Meals in a drink - the benefits

Many, many people know the benefits of meals in a drink. They're quick, portable, easy to prepare, low in calories and - if you stick with them - a sure way to lose weight quickly and effectively. And if you love taking them for replacing lost nutrients after a workout or building muscle, protein powders are excellent for boosting long-term energy. But there are some problems with protein powders. First, they just don't taste good, and the texture is usually nasty.

Protein drinks - the downsides

Normally, protein shakes come in limited flavours - and rarely do any of them taste like the 'Chocolate' or 'Vanilla' they're pretending to be. And you don't want to be taking away all of the benefits by doing something silly like adding spoonfuls of sugar or other ways to hide the taste. And even adding healthy things like milk or fruit means the calorie count goes up - which starts to seriously negate the main benefit of meal replacement. Additionally, are standard protein powders really that good for you? The jury is out. The most common base, of course, is whey, which is most certainly a good source of protein. But protein is not everything. Protein is not a 'meal'.

You need a delicious meal replacement shake

Your body also needs the essential vitamins and minerals that a company like Becoming Healthy can supply in a full meal replacement shake. So while protein shakes are normally a supplement to your normal diet, proper meal replacement is the real fast-track to long-term weight loss - weight that is easy to lose and then easy to keep off. That's because you're getting not just the protein, but also a perfect balance of carbs, fats and fibre that leaves you sustainably full and satisfied rather than reaching for the fridge for dessert.

Finally - the secret!

But do you want to know the real secret to Becoming Healthy shakes? It's not just that they were devised by a real dietitian - they're nothing short of delicious. Forget that faux 'Chocolate' and 'Vanilla'; we're talking five delicious flavours that really deliver not only during your period of fast and effective weight loss, but long into the future - quite simply, because you'll like drinking it! Do you know a great benefit of meal replacement shakes that we haven't mentioned? Got a weight loss tip you're dying to share? Don't be shy and join the fun in the comments.

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