What Are The Weight Loss Stages?

What Are The Weight Loss Stages?
Starting your weight loss journey isn’t easy. That’s why it’s important to know your following a sustainable program that’s nutritionally balanced and easy to follow. Designed to perfectly complement our nutrient filled shakes, the Becoming Healthy weight loss stages help you manage your weight loss journey using guided caloric intakes. Read on to discover the weight loss stages and how they work.

1. The Kick Start Stage

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The ‘kick start’ stage is all about embracing your motivation to lose weight and getting used to the routine of Becoming Healthy. Enjoy two shakes of any flavour, either at breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner, plus a main meal and two snacks. Remember to drink at least 2L of water during the day as well. For your main meal, you should include a palm size portion of protein and 3 cups of vegetables. We also encourage you to add healthy fats to your meal – this will help your body absorb the vitamins and minerals coming from the vegetables. The kick start stage is the hardest but it’s implemented while your motivation is high, so you’ll get used to the routine of shakes for meals.

2. The Balancing Stage

During the Balancing Stage, you enjoy one meal replacement shake and two healthy meals a day, plus two Becoming Healthy snacks. The way you might space this out is by having a shake at breakfast, a snack mid-morning, a healthy lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner and drinks to finish. The purpose during the balancing stage is to slowly reintroduce regular meals back into your Becoming Healthy journey, now that you’ve gotten used to the process of consuming the shakes in place of food. Remember when adding 3 cups of vegetables to your lunch and dinner to include one cup of carbohydrate vegetables, e.g. pumpkin, peas and sweet potato. However, avoid potatoes, they have a high glycemic index.

3. The Maintenance Stage

Congratulations! You’ve passed stages 1 and 2 and are well on your way to maintaining your weight loss goals. During the maintenance stage, the balance between shakes, meals, and snacks should now be routine. You should also have noticed some significant weight loss, as you enjoy the routine of your new lifestyle. You can even experiment during the maintenance stage with how you like to consume your shakes and meals, but we recommend for continued control, keep the same routine you kept in the Balancing stage, but increase the amount of protein from 1 palm to 1.5 palm sized portions – to keep you feeling full and satisfied during this final stage. If you want to see a full list of the foods you can choose from for your meals click on ‘What Can I Eat’. To try our Becoming Healthy weight-loss plan click on our Order Now’ page. To see examples of what you can eat during each stage click here. What do you think of the Weight Loss Stages dietary plan? Remember no matter what weight loss plan you’re following, it should always have clear and simple rules, that way you can enjoy feeling happy, confident and importantly, healthy!

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