What guarantees come with the Becoming Healthy products?

All our products have a 100% guarantee on quality and taste. If you’re not 100% satisfied return the product to us within 30 days for a full refund.

What’s the composition of Becoming Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes?

Mealshakes are primarily skim milk milkshakes. Click here for full details

Are the Becoming Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes gluten free?

2 of the Becoming Healthy range of products are gluten free – Swiss Chocolate, Iced Coffee. The remaining three – Strawberry Malt, Vanilla Malt, Banana Malt  – contain traces of gluten from malt. The malt is made from wheat, one of the grains to be avoided if you are following a gluten – free diet. The other grains are oats, rye, barley and triticale.

Are the Becoming Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes free from wheat?

Two of the Becoming Healthy range of products are wheat free – Swiss Chocolate and Iced Coffee. The remaining three – Strawberry Malt, Vanilla Malt and Banana Malt- contain malt which is made from wheat.

What are the vegetable gums used in Becoming Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes?

Three vegetable gums are used in Becoming Healthy products. They are identified by the numbers 407, 412 and 466, are all approved by the Australian & New Zealand Food Authority as safe for use in foods, and are used in very very small amounts.

– 407 is Carrageenan. It is a fibre extracted from seaweed which is useful as a setting agent and thickener.

– 412 is Guar Gum. It is extracted from guar beans and used for its thickening properties.

– 466 is Carboxymethyl Cellulose. It’s a derivative of cellulose, a natural chemical in plants, and is used as a thickener.

What is the fibre in Becoming Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes?

The fibre in BodyTalk Mealshakes comes from a product called Hi-Maize®. Hi-Maize® is a food ingredient, high in starch, which resists digestion in the small intestine. It’s a natural product, produced from a variety of maize (corn) grown in Australia. It does not contain material from genetically modified organisms or artificial additives and does not require any chemical pre-treatments. Hi-Maize® is a good source of resistant starch which may play an important role in reducing the risk of bowel cancer. This starch also gives products like BodyTalk Mealshakes a low Glycemic Index (GI). Hi-Maize® is gluten-free and has properties that promote bowel health.

Are Becoming Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes suitable for diabetics?

Yes our meal replacement shakes are suitable for Type II diabetics whose condition is controlled by diet. Each serve provides 12g protein, 1.8g fat, 35g carbohydrate and 210 Calories (880kJ). The shakes are substantially skim milk powder, and contain lactose from the milk solids along with other carbohydrates needed to provide the balance of 210 Calories and to make the product taste good “like a milk shake should”.

Insulin – dependent diabetics should not use meal replacement shakes without medical supervision.

What are the flavours used in Becoming Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes?

Flavours are used in the Strawberry and Banana flavours.The flavours are nature identical. This means that they are flavouring substances that are chemically identical to flavouring substances naturally present in products intended for human consumption. They do not contain any artificial flavouring substances.

Are Becoming Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes suitable if you are lactose intolerance?

Lactose is the sugar (disaccharide) in milk and dairy foods. An intolerance stems from a lack of the enzyme lactose in a person’s gut. This lack may be partial or complete hence some people can tolerate a small amount of dairy foods whilst others are unable to tolerate any. Our meal replacement shakes are milk-based and contain lactose. We suggest to people with a lactose deficiency that they try one shake a day and monitor the situation. It won’t harm them.

I’ve started an exercise program along with my diet but I’m not losing weight as quickly as I thought i wold. What am I doing wrong?

You’re not doing anything wrong. As you exercise you’ll be building muscle at the same time as you are losing fat. Muscle weighs more than fat so the results on your scales may not reflect your true progress but you’ll notice the difference with your clothes and the way you look in the mirror. Stick with it.

 What can I do to avoid a plateau in my weight loss progress?

There is no magic when it comes to losing weight. A high initial weight loss (eg 9Kg in 5 weeks) is due to a loss of about 5Kg of body tissue (mostly fat) and 4kg of body water. The water loss is only temporary and the water will return. This is when you might experience a “plateau”. The reality of weight loss is that it is only possible to lose about 0.5 – 1kg of body tissue per week. If you stick with a weight loss plan of about 1000 Calories per day, and persist through the plateaux, your weight loss will resume.

How long can I stay on an eating plan using meal replacement shakes?

It is fine to keep having a meal replacement shakes in place of a meal for as long as you wish. Mealshakes are not medicines, they are food. But it is important to eat a variety of foods for good nutrition so, if you wish to keep replacing a meal with a Mealshake, select your other meals carefully. I have been having a Mealshake and a piece of fruit for breakfast for many years.

I would like to lose 7kg in 2 months. How should I use Mealshakes to achieve this?

Replacing 1 or 2 meals a day with a Becoming Healthy Meal Replacement Shake will make it easier to stick to your restricted diet and it’s more enjoyable than most strict diets. There is no magic answer but I have found that if you think about what you normally eat you will have no trouble planning a sensible diet of around 1000 Calories per day. For example cereal at breakfast, a sandwich at lunch and a small meal at night with no in-between snacking. We all know this is the ideal but unfortunately it is a bit boring and difficult to keep to for very long. So replacing a meal once or twice on any or every day can make your diet more varied and, if you like milk shakes, more enjoyable. Also swapping a meal for a Mealshake can continue long term. The approach we have outlined is flexible and, in the long term, can help to keep lost weight from coming back.